May 09, 2016;

We are pleased to announce the launch of new app, 364, based on Mr. Tom Jackson’s book 364 – Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times.  

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November 23, 2015;

Mr. Tom Jackson, our CEO,  releases book 364 – Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times.

“364 is a composite of my thoughts and paraphrased philosophy of the leaders that have inspired me. Its goal is to promote the same instinct of wellness for you, for others and for the world.”  

— Tom Jackson

See link below for detailed information.

364 – Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times

Jun 17, 2014:

Mr. Tom Jackson, our CEO,  recently has been awarded 2014 Lifetime Artistic Achievement (Broadcasting) by Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards.

See link below for detailed information.,-tom.aspx

April 17, 2014:

Jackson Lee Projects has signed a joint venture agreement with HD Capital.

Dec 20, 2013:

AN AWESOME event just happened that will save lives in the Philippines. The cast of the “Huron Carole” just released (went live this morning) a Christmas album called “Carole for the Philippines” exclusively on “I Tunes”. ALL PROCEEDS from this project will go to WORLD VISION and CTS to assist them in their Philippine disaster relief programs. Please pass the news along. Enjoy the great Christmas music and make a difference to those in desperate need…P.S. you can catch the T.V. special on Crossroads Television System this eve @ 9:00 Dec23 @ 11:00 Dec 24 @ 2:30.

Dec 9, 2013:

Mr. Tom Jackson’s “The Huron Carole” concert national tour will be performed on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at Jack Singer Concert Hall. Tickets available at

“While under the name of The Huron Carole and Singing for Supper, the concert series has helped spread awareness of the nation’s hunger problems and raise funds to help food bank workers and volunteers accomplish their mission of ending hunger.”

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Nov 25, 2013:

Jackson Lee Projects Ltd. has signed a Preliminary Contract with Ross Energy Services Ltd. to grow business together.

Ross Energy logo

Jackson Lee Projects Ltd. has committed to sign a Non-binding Letter of Intent to Joint Venture Agreement with Meridian Merchant Capital Canada Ltd. to conduct a business venture together (Meridian China International JLP Joint Venture).

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